Aims And Objectives

Montfortian education has the person in society as its focus. It transforms individuals and societies to be spiritually inspired, respect the community of life, be fraternal in orientation, and just in all relationships, following the path of the Divine Wisdom. The goal of Montfortian education is to form persons for the same.

Dimensions of Montfortian Education

Montfortian education especially in primary and secondary schools, university colleges, vocational education centers, institutions for the differently abled and others, is often compared with those of a similar nature managed by other agencies. An authentic Montfortian educational initiative will stand out by the fact they operate from the framework of their Charism. This is framed by certain core dimensions derived from the Montfortian experience, beginning with the spiritual genius of Montfort' own vision, the audacity in mission of Gabriel Deshayes, the faith, resilience and enthusiasm of their pioneers, and the courageous new responses of today. The core dimensions of their Charism are:

A Spiritual Vision

"God Alone" was Montfort's ideal, his goal in life, and his key to the universe. A spiritual vision of life that helps the whole education community to seek the troth and live by it is the goal of Montfortian education. Keeping this goal in mind the Montfortian education provides opportunities:

  • To develop a deep spiritual experience and orientation in life that help students to find God's Wisdom and to live by its demands;
  • To become rooted in their faith-culture through a personal encounter with God that helps them celebrate differences and love one another
  • To develop a critical consciousness and personal convictions on matters of one's religion, and at the same time to respect and to be enriched by the faith convictions of others
  • To foster the Christian life of the Catholic community through spiritual and apostolic activities, without however isolating them from those of other faiths
  • To cultivate a genuinely Catholic institutional culture that is universal, based on values such as an atmosphere of trust, just and authentic relationships, service to all, inclusiveness, participation and a spirit of forgiveness
  • To imbibe Montfortian ethos and values by all the stakeholders in Montfortian education through appropriate programmes and structures
Inclusive Education
Incarnational Methodology
Innovation and Creativity
The Best Interests of the Child
Partnership and Networking
Respect for Community of Life
Quest for Excellence